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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Socialist Anti-War Draft Resister Supporter Finally Gets Appropriate Treatment

Joan Baez, the singer who made her bones by dissing the Vietnam soldiers returning home, got a little payback from the military last week. Baez was "disinvited" to a performance for our injured heroes at Walter Reed. Here's what the Washington Post had to say about Cindy Sheehan's BFFE...

Baez, 66, said she wasn't told why she was given the boot, but speculated, "there might have been one, there might have been 50 [soldiers] that thought I was a traitor."

Hey brainiac - you think this might have something to do with your lack of welcome at Walter Reed...

In 1964, she protested the Vietnam War by refusing to pay 60% of her income taxes. In 1968, she married activist David Harris -- the two met in jail following a protest -- and moved with him into his draft resistance commune.

Before you start feeling sorry for this aged moonbat, here's some more of her comments. Maybe she should re-read these statements to get a clue about why she didn't get to sing for the soldiers...

"One of my more cynical friends said 'They let the rats in, why not you?' Baez said, laughing, referring to a recent expose of living conditions at Walter Reed.

After the concert, Baez said, Mellencamp left her a message to say, "I hope you're not mad at me." Her response: "Of course not. It's an honor to be turned down by the Army."

Poor Joan - guess you will just have to go back to your Code Pinko buddies and Cindy Sheehan to get some lovin'. Payback is a bitch - deal with it.

Naturally the resident moonbats on the WaPo comment board are pointing out hos this falls right in line with the "United Fascists States of America". You just gotta laugh when you watch the Left lose their lunch when Free Speech flows in both directions.

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