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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some Truth From Iraq

I am reading Bing West's book, "No True Glory -The Battle for Fallujah" which I highly recommend. So imagine my surprise when I got a Google Alert to a blog post by Bing West over at Small Wars Journal. His latest post "Iraq Trip Report 2" is one of the best summaries of the situation in Iraq I have come across to date.

This snippet really jumped out at me in light of the quest for failure by the Dems...

I've read about our army being "broken", and certainly much more time at home for the units is deserved. I'm not Pollyannaish; I heard the complaints about the extension, etc. But I was out with enough different units to attest to the energy and mission focus of our soldiers and marines. These are good guys and they understand the strategy Petraeus has laid out. The core of our strength lies in our battalions and at that level it has positively infected the performance of the Iraqi battalions and the local police. AQI are mean bastards, but they can be broken. That means they have to be put away permanently when caught, or put in the earth.

Go over to Small Wars Journal and read the entire post. It's long but it is packed full of information and great analysis. One of the things I love about Bing West's writings is he doesn't just rely on one or two sources - he talks to everybody! You can see how many sources he utilized for his post at the end of the article because unlike the media, he names them all.

The next time you hear the media or some defeatocrat moaning about our failures in Iraq and how the war is "lost", re-read Bing West's post and take heart.

I am definitely adding the blog to my list of favorites. And if you are looking for one of the best accounts of the truth about the battles in Fallujah, "No True Glory" is a must read.

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