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Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Quagmire of Hate: The Post Election Liberals

As promised this is the first of a series of posts of excerpts from my new book, A Quagmire of Hate: The Post Election Liberals. Today's post will include the Table of Contents and an overview of the book...

1. The Fat Lady Sings
2. The P.E.S.T. Epidemic
3. Don't Love It - Gonna Leave It
4. Red Versus Blue
5. The 51 Percenters
6. Morals? What Morals?
7. No Place for Religion
8. Rehash 2000
9. Shills for the Right
10. Bush-phobia
11. Eating Their Own
12. Black Armbands
13. Nazi Germany 2004
14. The Lowest of the Low
15. The Enemy Within
16. They Just Can't Handle the Truth
17. A Chickenhawk's Greatest Hits
Appendix: Terrorist attacks against the United States of United States' Interests since 1979.

The re-election of President Bush has pushed liberals across all boundaries of reasonable and rational thought. With Howard Dean leading the Left, it is a sure bet that the hate-mongering is going to get worse. You have heard the frothing from leaders on the Left. Now read what the grassroots of the Left are saying - from hate-filled diatribes about America and Republicans to venom spewed at the President and our soldiers. From rehashing the 2000 election to Jesusland.

Senator Kennedy is right about a "quagmire", but it is not in Iraq. The liberals are up to their necks in a quagmire of hate. If you are a Republican, this book will make you angry. If you are a Democrat, this book will make you look at your party in a new light. If you are a Michael Moore liberal, don't even bother. Like your favorite website says, Just Move On.

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