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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So Much More Than an Anti-War Activist

The media is buzzing about Ramsey Clark going to Iraq to serve on the defense team of Saddam Hussein. Every article called Clark “the former US Attorney General” and played up his role in the administration of an American President. Reuters called Clark a “U.S. civil rights lawyer”. The BBC called Clark “an outspoken critic of the trial” and a “left wing activist”. The New York Times did make mention of Ramsey Clark’s penchant for “offering legal advice to toppled foreign leaders”. According to the AP, Clark was just a “consultant” on Milosevic’s trial.Ramsey Clark is so much more than a “left wing activist” and “anti-war advocate”. Clark is a Saddam apologist who is responsible for an anti-American group masquerading as an anti-war protest organizer.

It is no surprise that the media would fail to mention Ramsey Clark’s dark background. That would amount to admitting that Clark joining Saddam Hussein’s defense team was not a noble quest for a fair trial. It has absolutely nothing to do with maintaining the Constitution and International Laws. It has everything to do with Ramsey Clark’s virulent anti-American beliefs. It is a finger in the eye of hard working Americans. It is a slap in the face to every member of the US military – active duty and veterans. He calls President Bush a “war criminal” while supporting Milosevic and Hussein. Ramsey Clark hates America and wants to make sure that the world knows it. Of course, you will never hear that from the media.

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