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Thursday, December 15, 2005

2006 Strategic Goals for Conservatives is calling for suggestions for the 2006 Strategic Goals. Let your voice be heard and drop them an email with your suggestions for fighting back against the Liberal agenda. has done a great job in building the grassroot support for the conservative vision.

Here are my suggestions:
1. Illegal immigration - the key word is "illegal". They have broken the law. They are not entitled to the same rights or privileges as American citizens. The focus needs to be on the "illegal" aspect.
2. Speak out about anti-American organizations that disguise themselves as "anti-war". The agendas of these organizations is chilling and bears a striking resemblance to terrorist supporting organizations.
3. Hold Republicans in Congress accountable for not voting in accordance with the base that got them in Congress in the first place. Expose RINO's for what they are.
4. Fight back against the ACLU and work to get their federal funding discontinued. Hold the IRS accountable for investigating the 501c organizations that are blatantly political and in violation of their tax exempt status.
5. Utilize the new media to fight back against the liberally biased mainstream media. Make sure the message from the right is heard loud and clear.
6. Fight the out of control spending in Congress and the bloated bills to rebuild New Orleans. Call for intensive oversight of ALL post-hurricane rebuilding and spending.
7. Continue to stand firm with President Bush in the war against terrorism.

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