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Monday, December 19, 2005

Calling a Spade A Spade (or a Traitor a Traitor) - Go Get Em Mr. President!!!!

I watched President Bush's press conference in the hospital waiting for my husband to come back to the room after vocal cord surgery. I left the house without any paper so I was using paper towels to make notes during the presser. The staff in Day Surgery was giving me those "stay away from the crazy woman" looks.

All I can say is WOW! That was the best press conference I have ever seen! President Bush answered every question without hesitation and with candor. He started the Q & A off right by calling the leaks to the NYT "shameful" and essentially equating it with treason ("helping the enemy"). The President was forceful and showed that steely determination that we all love. I really enjoyed his response to the "timetable" question. He nailed the media on that one - "Asking for artificial timetables and get me out on a limb with some figure -nice try". His anger at the "minority senators" blocking the Patriot Act was refreshing and something that I wished he would have been saying all along.

What is it with reporters? Are they just "stuck on stupid"? Asking for examples of attacks that were thwarted by the NSA surveillance? Why don't we just print it on flyers and drop it over the terrorist safe houses? Like the President said "information is secret for a reason".

The best moment of the day was when the little whiny pants reporter asked the President about "unchecked Presidential powers". I thought the President was going to pop him. If the President could really make hurricanes like those on the left believe he can, this dum-dum would have been toast. Whew - "assigning dictatorial powers to the President and I reject that" with the finger pointing and direct stare... I bet the little reporter boy pooped his pants!

Thank you Mr President for standing up and calling a spade a spade (or in this case, a traitor a traitor). Here's hoping that you continue to fight back and stay on the offensive. Now we need to push the issue of an investigation into who leaked the info to the NYT (and the WaPo regarding the secret detention facilities). After all, the Dems were indignant about leaking the name of a know-nothing, attention seeking wanna be celebrity that had absolutely nothing to do with national security as they claimed. The NYT and WaPo leaks have EVERYTHING to do with national security and should receive the same rigorous investigation. The Dems asked for it...

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Anonymous said...

Now have said many of the things most Americans felt...W became President by being honest and very strong on defense of America and our Allies...Now his strength makes the dims sad and yes traitors!