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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


As if the over-hyped media hysteria regarding the Bush administration wiretapping people in contact with terrorists was not enough, now we've got lawyers in the mix. According to the traitor James Risen, defense lawyers plan to challenge the charges against their clients (aka terrorists or terrorist sympathizers) in light of the revelations about spying. I can see it now- "Your honor, it is true that Mr. Terrorist had explosives and planned to reek havoc and destruction on US citizens but that pales in comparison to the wiretapping of Mr. Terrorist by the Bush administration." What the HELL is going on? Has the world just gone completely mad? Is the Left so obsessed with Bush hatred that they would compromise their own security? I guess the answer to that is "Yes".

Then we have Darlin' Arlen calling for hearings on the Bush administration's domestic spying. I frankly don't give a rats' ass about what Arlen wants or what the left wants. I want to know which traitorous SOB released classified national security information to the media. I want to see James Risen frog-marched into a booking facility and charged with offering aid and comfort to the enemy. I want to see which Congress person cares so little for the citizens of the United States that they would give up information that puts us all in jeopardy.

Frankly I'm glad that the President went ahead and did what he did. Have there been any further attacks since 9/11? If someone in the US is talking to a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer, I WANT them under survelliance. If our govt had thrown off the shackles of political correctness 8 years ago, we may not have lost 3000 innocents and 2000+ soldiers. Offering terrorists the same constitutional rights as American citizens makes me puke. They do not deserve the benefits of our Constitution.

I will repeat my earlier post - I will NOT be responsible for my actions if anyone in my family is killed or injured by a terrorist act. I WILL hold the NYT, James Risen, Arlen Spector and any other member of Congress that demands hearings on the Bush administration, personally responsible. The blood will be on their hands.

Don't forget the petition demanding an investigation into WHO leaked the national security information! Right now our signatures are at 60 which is damned pathetic! I have notified many "prominent" conservative bloggers and talk radio hosts but not one has signed the petition!!!!
Change comes from the base and if we don't take action, no one will...

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