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Monday, January 30, 2006

Be Careful Who You Pander To...

Here is an excerpt from my latest article on As most of you know, I spent a great deal of time researching and following the far Left for my book "A Quagmire of Hate: The Post Election Liberals". While no expert, I can state without any reservations, that if mainstream America knew what the true base of the Democratic Party was like, they would run screaming from the Left. The statements (quotes) included in the op-ed are straight from the moonbats' mouths and are documented in Quagmire...

The far left Liberals have thrown down the gauntlet to Democratic Senators. Vote for an Alito filibuster or face the wrath. Several Senators have caved in to the demands and vowed to filibuster. Faced with a blog swarm of phone calls, emails and faxes, the Senators are willing to do what it takes to keep their political future alive. Those Senators that have denounced a filibuster are listed on the “Alito Traitor Watch”. Lists are circulated with those Senators’ names with instructions to bombard them until they follow the marching orders. Senators against the filibuster are threatened with the loss of their seat in Congress and no contributions to the re-election campaigns.

Some argue that the Senators should listen to their constituents and vote as they demand. While that is the definition of “government by the people”, those committing political blackmail are much more than just concerned Americans. The leaders of the filibuster charge are not grassroots political activists.

How would you like to be associated with a group that calls terrorists in Iraq “the true freedom fighters”? Or a group that pays money to the “other side” in Fallujah. Can you sit side by side with a group that hails Hamas and believes that Israel is the root of all the world’s problems? What about a group that believes that the President of the United States’ and his administration orchestrated the tragedy of September 11, 2001 to further the agenda of controlling the Middle East?

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