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Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Enemy Within - Inidividuals that Hate America

With so much breaking news this week, I didn't get to post this final installment of the Enemy Within until today.

This is a list of anti-American individuals that masquerade as anti-war protestors. These people are members/officers in multiple groups which tells us that these groups are one in the same. Some names may be familiar - some may not. The important thing is to remember these names when you see protestors or other "anti-war" activities in the news. If you see any of these individuals being interviewed on TV, make sure that you email or call the show and let them know what other "connections" this person has. Make no mistake... Each and every one of the individuals on this list have one ultimate goal - transform the United States of America into a Socialist country. That is NOT a tinfoil hat talking. That is several years of research talking...

(abbreviations = IPPN - International Progressive Political Network, NION - Not in Our Name,
UFPJ - United for Peace & Justice, IPS - Institute for Policy Studies , WILPF - Womens International League for Peace & Freedom)

Africa, Pam – ANSWER coalition, International Family and Friends of Mumia, World Can’t Wait, Move Organization

Asner, Ed – IPPN Advisory board, NION, Artists United, World Can’t Wait, Bush Crimes Commission

Benjamin, Medea – Global Exchange co-founder and director, UFPJ steering committee & speaker, Code Pink co-founder, NION, Citizens Impeachment Commission, After Downing Street Coalition

Bennis, Phyllis – IPS, NION, UFPJ Speaker, Bush Crimes Commission

Brutus, Dennis – IPPN Advisory Board and speaker, Refuse & Resist, World Can’t Wait, Bush Crimes Commission

Buffa, Andrea – Code Pink National Organizer, UFPJ, Media Alliance former executive director, Global Exchange Coordinator

Cagan, Leslie – IPPN Advisory Board & speaker, NION, UFPJ, Interim Pacifica Foundation Board, Cuban Information Project, After Downing Street Coalition, avowed socialist

Cline, David – Bring Them Home Now, Veterans for Peace, Citizens Impeachment Commission

Cobble, Steve – IPS, Citizens Impeachment Commission, After Downing Street co-founder

Conyers, Rep. John – WILPF, Out of Iraq caucus, Downing Street Coalition

Dix, Carl – NION, Revolutionary Communist Party, World Can’t Wait, Bush Crimes Commission

Evans, Jodie – Code Pink national organizer, World Can’t Wait, Citizens Impeachment Commission

Glick, Ted – IPPN National coordinator & speaker, UFPJ, Bush Crimes Commission

Greenberg, Mary Lou – NION, Revolutionary Communist Party, UFPJ speaker

Hayden, Tom – Progressive Democrats of America, Citizens Impeachment Commission, World Can’t Wait

Kafoury, Jason – Peaceful Tomorrows, Democracy Rising founder, UFPJ

Kinoy, Arthur – IPPN Steering Committee & speaker, NION, Center for Constitutional Rights

Kissinger, C. Clark – NION, Revolutionary Communist Party, Bush Crimes Commission, World Can’t Wait, avowed Communist

Laforest, Ray – ANSWER coalition, AFSCME NYC district council, NION, World Can’t Wait, Pacifica National Board

Lessin, Nancy – Bring Them Home Now, Military Families Speak Out, UFPJ Speaker

Lubin, Barbara – ANSWER Coalition, Middle East Children’s Alliance, NION

McKinney, Rep. Cynthia – NION, ANSWER, Progressive Caucus

McPhearson, Michael – Bring Them Home Now coordinating committee, Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, UFPJ steering committee

McReynolds, David – IPPN speaker, NION, War Resisters League

Murphy, Gael – Code Pink executive committee, Threshold Foundation, UFPJ steering committee, Iraq Occupation Watch

Paley, Grace – WILPF, NION, Vietnam War Protestor, Peace Mission to Hanoi, World Can’t Wait

Raskin, Marcus – IPS, NION, After Downing Street Coalition, Citizens Impeachment Committee, Bush Crimes Commission – speaker

Ratner, Michael – NION, Center for Constitutional Rights, National Lawyers Guild, World Can’ts Wait, Bush Crimes Commission

Swanson, David – Impeach PAC founder, Citizens Impeachment Committee, co-founder, After Downing Street Coalition

Walker, Alice – WILPF, NION, World Can’t Wait

Walker, Lucius – IPPN advisory board & speaker, ANSWER coalition, IFCO, Pastors for Peace

Wheaton, Phillip – ANSWER coalition, Committee for Indigenous Solidarity, IPPN Advisory Board, World Can’t Wait

Zinn, Howard – IPPN Advisory board and speaker, NION, ANSWER, Artists United, World Can’t Wait, Citizens Impeachment Commission, Bush Crimes Commission

Zeese, Kevin – Citizens Impeachment Committee, Democracy Rising founder, World Can’t Wait, Bush Crimes Commission

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