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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Liberal’s Attempt at Payback – Spy on Republicans

Just when you thought the left could not get any loonier… This NSA “spying” issue has pushed the Liberals over the edge (again). The Libs have come up with an incredible plan for payback for the “spying” on terrorists. They plan to spy on Republicans - not just any member of the GOP but John Ashcroft, Alberto Gonzalez, Stephen Hadley and many others. How do they plan to do this? They have found a website where they can purchase cell phone records for any number for about $100. Yep that is the plan. Purchase cell phone records for members of the GOP and peruse the numbers of incoming and outgoing calls. Adding lighter fluid to the fire,, agree to reimburse any liberal that digs up dirt using the purchased records. Here is the info from Bob Fertik’s blog at

“If money is scarce, will reimburse you if you buy the records for an important phone number and discover gold when you get the records.
Whose records would we like to see? Just think of all of the major Republican scandals, and identify the main players. Here are some names to get you started:
NSA Wiretapping: Michael Hayden, Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft...
Plamegate: Bob Novak, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Judith Miller...
Torture: Alberto Gonzales, John Ashcroft, John Yoo, David Addington, Stephen Cambone...
Niger Uranium Hoax: Stephen Hadley, Michael Ledeen...
L'Affaire Abramoff: Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Tom DeLay, Bob Ney, Adam Kidan, Ed Buckham, Tony Rudy...
And if you really want to have some fun, go after their lawyers too!”

Yes, I know this is insane and one of those tin foil hat black helicopter things that we have come to expect from the Lefties. However, we have two self-proclaimed Democratic consultants, David Lytel and Bob Fertik, offering to pay the KOS kids and DU children to start digging for personal information. One of the comments on the blog recommended getting the individual’s social security number first as that would make it easier to get the right cell phone number. In this day and age of identity theft, the idea of raving moonbats gathering personal information is scary and illegal. It brings to mind an image of a roomful of children running with scissors… Irresponsible and just plain stupid.

UPDATE: Thanks to Sweetness & Light for helping spread the word about this lunacy!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving PelicanPost a heads up on this new illegal dirty trick being used against prominent, powerful Republicans. Please e-mail me or post any further information and documentation on this illegal spying scheme endorsing identity thefts and invasions of privacy by the renegade hard-left.

The looney left should keep in mind the fate of those two Democrat operatives who invaded the privacy of Newt Gingrich's cell phone call.

However, this new and expanded scheme is far more serious and will violate more rights and protections of their targeted victims.

Please stay on this until it is fully documented, exposed and complaints are filed with the DOJ's FBI internet investigation section and appropriate regulatory agencies such as the FCC.