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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

MIC - Moonbat In Charge

When I stumbled across the "Let's Spy on Them" blog by Bob Fertik at, I had no idea who Fertik was. I just knew that his offer to reimburse the moonbats for any purloined cellphone records of prominent GOP'ers, if the records exposed dirt, was just over the top. I actually thought that Fertik was just another grassroot moonbat with a severe case of Bush-phobia. Boy was I wrong...

A large part of the "raving lunacy" from the Left has been instigated by Fertik. Not only is he the co-founder of - "an aggressive progressive website", he is the co-founder of After Downing Street. Fertik is the co-founder of whose sole purpose is the impeachment of President George Bush.

Fertik organized "BlogCall". BlogCall's purpose was to build a bridge between lefty bloggers and the mainstream media (that is certainly nothing new) to get the Liberal point of view heard. He helped organize the blogger conference call with Cindy Sheehan. Fertik has appeared on the majority of Err America programs including Randi Rhodes. Rep. Maurice Hinchey is another Fertik supporter.

Fertik also writes numerous op-ed pieces that appear across the left side of the Internet. One of his articles, "6 Ways Al Gore Can Still Be the 43rd President", was included in a Michael Moore email encouraging Gore-Loserman supporters to stay strong and fight. His articles have appeared on People's Weekly World - which describes itself as a "direct descendant of Daily Worker" and "enjoys a special relationship with the Communist Party".

Fertik is a self described "amateur Nazi hunter" and frequently profiles the links between the Bush family and the Nazi party. He also insists that the Bush National Guard memos are real based on his own investigation. Fertik believes that the 2004 election was stolen too.

Bob Fertik is deeply entrenched in the bowels of the far left. He is not just a member of the club, he is the MIC (Moonbat in charge).

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