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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My What Big Men the Democratic Senators Are....

Hey Schumer, Teddy, Biden, et. al... Do you feel like big men now? You harangue someone, who is so above you intellectually that it is embarrassing, until his wife breaks down in tears. WOW - what tough guys you are... SHAME ON YOU!! But of course, you have no shame or you would slither away and crawl back under the rock that you came out from.

If that was my Mom and Dad, I would have come across the table and smacked each of you until security pulled me off. One day, one day - you guys will have to answer for the evil that is in your hearts and the hate that permeates your soul. It is so ironic to have the murdering senator critique someone's moral and values. Ted wouldn't know morals and values if it bit him.

Thank you Sen. Spector for doing the one thing that I can agree with - your public smackdown of Ted was awesome and something that should be done more often.

Judge and Mrs. Alito - America supports you and is appalled at your treatment. Wipe the tears away and know that you will get the last laugh when you stand together for Justice Alito's swearing in to the Supreme Court.


DJ over at Evil Conservatives Unite has a great take on the whole thing in "Democrats Know No Bounds".

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D.j. Goodwin said...

I appreciate the honorable mention to my site, and I agree with you. How can they sit up there and talk about ethics when they have none. Sam Alito seems to be a more decent human being than all the senators of that committee combined.