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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Hey David - You Do Not Speak for Me!

On Meet the Press, David Gregory, the pompous pompadour of the WH press corp, admitted that he behaved "boorish" when questioning Scott McClellan about the Vice President's hunting accident. BOORISH? How about sniveling, cry baby, me first, entitled, elitist, out of touch, light in the loafers idiot? I think that about fits him.

Gregory went on to say the following...
"No matter how you feel about the White House press corps -— and we’re worthy of criticism (oh so much more than you are willing to take), and we can take our lumps —- this is about how the vice president chooses to communicate to the American people. We are a proxy for the American people. Whether you have faith in us or not, and we do make mistakes, we are still a proxy. This is about how the vice president chooses to communicate to the public. My view is not that I should have been informed or others should have been informed. It’s not about that. It’s a question of, "Does the vice president have a responsibility to the American people to inform them of his public and private activities?”

Funny, I don't recall giving David Gregory MY proxy. Was there an election for reporters to speak for the American people? Hey David - You Don't Speak for Me!

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