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Monday, February 06, 2006

Using the Homeless to Increase Attendance at Hate Rallies

Ever wonder where all the people that attend the Anti-Bush rallies disguised as anti-war rallies come from? We've all heard the stories about Los Angeles schools that actually transported their students to one of the World Can't Wait anti-Bush rallies. Completely overlooked was this little tidbit from the Washington Post's article "Damp in Number but Not in Fervor"...

"As he waited for a 30-foot high effigy of President George W. Bush to fall, Freddy Taiefero told the story of how he ended up here. Homeless in Atlanta a day ago, he now was amid a few thousand protestors on the soggy ground by the Washington Monument."

How did a homeless man in Atlanta get to Washington DC for an anti-Bush rally? How did he even know about the rally?

"They were passing out these leaflets, and I picked one up at the homeless shelter', said the 56-year old unemployed caterer.... So Taiefero said, he boarded a bus, slept the night in his seat and yesterday bore the sticker reciting the message of all those around him: Bush Step Down."

So the Liberals troll through homeless shelters to pick up people to attend the rallies. They bus them in and give them stickers and signs. The organizers can then cite the attendance numbers as thousands when goodness knows how many are nothing more than "extras" from the homeless shelters. Just when you think they could not stoop any lower... And the Liberals accuse Republicans of using people for political gain???

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