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Saturday, April 29, 2006

United 93 - 5 Stars & a Box of Kleenex

Just got in from seeing the Saturday afternoon showing of "United 93". I actually convinced my husband to go with me (the last time we saw a movie at the theater was 4 years ago). He was really ambivalent about going but humored me.

There is truly no single word that can describe the movie. It hurt all the way down to my soul, watching the movie and knowing that this was not just some fictional story concocted by a talented writer. This was real. It happened. Not just to the people on Flight 93, but to the entire country. Tears flowed freely at various points in the movie. The telltale sound of sniffing told me that I was not the only one.

Imagine hitting the play button on your answering machine and hearing a loved one's last words to you. Imagine having to call your loved ones and tell them a final goodbye. It's impossible to know how it feels and that is what made it hurt so much - knowing that across America hearts were breaking on September 11, 2001.

There was no flag waving patriotism propaganda as implied by the cynical left wing media. The director let the story tell itself. No crashing background music and no scene hogging superstars to take the attention away from the story.

I left the theater with my hands visably shaking. The anger was a force on its own. How dare these terrorists hurt my country and my fellow citizens! How dare they come to the land of the free and spread their jihadi cowardice! How can a religion of "peace" condone such mayhem and bloodshed? The terrorists took it upon themselves to play judge and jury on innocent Americans to make a "statement". When the passengers took on the hijackers at the end, I wanted to stand up and say "take that you chickensh*t animals". I almost wished the movie strayed from reality and had the passengers tear the disgusting pieces of crap apart - just to appease my anger.

The pride of how my fellow Americans took it upon themselves to start the fight against terrorism was overwhelming. The director commented during an interview with Rush the other day that the passengers of Flight 93 were the first to fight in the war on terror. He was so very right. If it is any solace to the family members of the victims, it is that their loved ones stood up and fought back. Something that our country had not done before in reaction to terrorism. The victims of Flight 93 should be a shining example to all of us. We WILL NOT let the terrorists win. We WILL FIGHT BACK. The standing ovation from the movie goers at the end was a good start.

I recommend that every single American - whether you support the war or not - see United 93. Contrary to what the apologists and appeasers say, it is not too soon for this type of movie. It is way past time. Just take your box of kleenex and leave any firearms at home. And be prepared to clutch the armrests of your seat even though you know how it ends.

Here are some links to other reviews...
Ken over at Liberal Lies Conservative Truths...
The heroism displayed by the brave passengers of United 93 and the sacrifice that they made on 9/11 stand as a beacon of bravery and sacrifice in the annuls of American history.

Laura Lee Donoho at the Wide Awake Cafe...
This movie is a faithful retelling of the courage of everyday people who acted with will and saved untold thousands. It is time for all Americans to see it and our battle cry should be Remember Flight 93.

Barb at Righty in a Lefty State...
The message is powerful, and we need to send one of our own to Hollywood --- Keep making movies about real heroes!

Here is a link to an incredible video of the WTC on September 11, 2001. Turn on your speakers and listen to the reaction from the people around the camera and the poor man holding the camera.

UPDATE: The Washington Post nitpicks the movie, United 93, because the director took "some liberties" with the facts. All I can say is United 93 was much more factual than pig-boy Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11".

In the same article, Bruce Hoffman from the Rand Institute, expresses his concern with the "entertainment value" ...
"...the news media have long avoided replaying some of the more disturbing images of Sept. 11. But, he says: "These equally horrible events are now being depicted as entertainment. I don't know why that's more acceptable."
I didn't see the movie as "entertainment". I saw it as a story about brave Americans that tried to save themselves from murdering terrorists. What is disturbing is the refusal to show images of Sept 11 so as to not offend anyone's sensibilities. Maybe if the images had been shown more, it would counter the cries from the appeasers on the Left and remind the country why the War on Terror is a must-win war.

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