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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Choice is Ours - GOP or Progressive Caucus

Democrats are already doing the victory dance for the 2006 Elections. Based on polls from a media that is so one-sided it should be flat, the Dems are making plans for their takeover of Congress. Nancy Pelosi is the grand marshal of the parade, spreading her liberal message over the talk shows and in the print media.

Of course Pelosi stopped short of playing the Left’s impeachment hand. She just said they will have to see where the investigations take them. When asked about Conyers’ impeachment plan, Pelosi stated “I am the leader. Our caucus will decide where we go”.

Caucus – what an interesting choice of words. Which caucus is Pelosi alluding to? Is it the Democratic Party? I doubt it. We must not forget the other caucus that Pelosi is a member of and completely beholden to – the Progressive Caucus.

According to Discover the Network
“The Progressive Caucus nowadays advocates socialism through the euphemistic language of "social and economic justice," promotes "a more progressive tax system in which wealthier taxpayers and corporations pay their fair share," and lobbies for "adequate funding for social programs." In other words, its members seek a massive expropriation of private wealth in the United States by a Federal Government controlled by politicians like themselves, who will then redistribute this wealth to the poor through a socialist welfare state. It also advocates reallocating most of the national defense budget to welfare spending.

Other members of the Progressive Caucus include Dennis Kucinich, Lynn Woolsey (provided Cindy Sheehan the ticket to the State of the Union), John Conyers, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Cynthia McKinney, Bernie Sanders and many others.

I am not pleased with the RINO’s in Congress. I am disappointed in the President’s stance on immigration and spending. But I am not willing to throw my country to the wolves of the Democratic/Socialist Party.

The thought of a group of Socialists in charge of our foreign policy, our national security and our military makes me physically sick. You think you had complaints when Clinton was President? The current leaders in the DNC are so far to the left of Clinton that he looks like a moderate conservative.

Take a look at Markos (Daily Kos) Moulitsas’ op-ed in the Washington Post today. Hillary Clinton is too damn moderate for this crowd. These are the Howard Deaniacs from the 2004 election. Russ Feingold and Wesley Clark are the American Idols of the Progressives. Troll over at Daily Kos or Democratic Underground. Is this what we want running our Congress, much less the Presidency?

Wishing for a GOP loss? Not this chick. I may not be happy but I’m certainly not willing to play “teach them a lesson” with my future.

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For an interesting read, check out the summary of Pelosi's conference call with bloggers on the Left... Here's a taste from Raw Story...
"Movement toward any agenda, Pelosi told callers, required first, "Laying a foundation, tak[ing] the Bush numbers down before we could do anything. For us, it was about unifying the Democrats, about taking their numbers down, about getting our numbers up in the polls."

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