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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mrs. Pot Meet Mr. NSA Kettle

The White House has released the declassified list of NSA briefings given to Congress and the names of members that were present at each briefing. Michelle Malkin has the list here.

Talk about Hypocrites! Most of the blowhards on the Left that have been screaming about the NSA programs leaked by the media were present at one or more briefings.

Nancy Pelosi - the skin stretched House Minority Leader. She actually requested the info about the briefings and attendees. Despite claims of ignorance of NSA programs, Pelosi was present at SIX briefings.

Jane Harman - Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee. Stated "Americans are alarmed - and rightly so - because this administration continues to operate parts of the NSA program in violation of FISA and the 4th Amendment." Also has pressed the administration to be more forthcoming so Congress can assess the program and provide needed oversight.
Number of briefings that Harman attended - EIGHT

Jay Rockefeller - Top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee. The very same Senator that told Syria the United States was going to war with Iraq and the source of the "Ways to Get Bush" memo. Stated "It is of the utmost importance that officials of the intelligence community avoid even the appearance of politicization, and that its senior leaders set an example." Also stated "I am deeply troubled by what I see as the administration's continued effort to selectively release intelligence information that supports its policy or political agenda while withholding equally pertinent information that does not do that." Number of briefings that Rockefeller attended - EIGHT.

Harry Reid - Claimed that "Congress was never involved" in Bush's decision. Number of briefings Reid attended - TWO

Bob Graham - former Senator and Chair of the Intelligence Committee. Harry Reid stated "I think all you need to know is look at former Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Bob Graham -- he was never informed of domestic eavesdropping." Number of briefings Graham attended - FOUR

Dianne Feinstein - Said "the administration had engaged in "consistent stonewalling" to prevent the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees from carrying out their oversight duties." Number of briefings Feinstein attended - TWO

Carl Levin - Stated "it is possible the president's action was illegal, but that should be determined through hearings. " Number of briefings Levin attended - TWO

BTW Cut and Run Murtha attended two briefings. Must have been dozing during those meetings.

Pelosi's little attempt to show that Democrats were not briefed on the NSA's programs reminds me of this little quote "I went searching for the truth and all I found was facts. Damn I hate that."

Special hat tip to Evan Bayh for the most ridiculous statement after the Wednesday briefing -
"One of the problems is you never know what you don't know." Nah - ya think?

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