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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fake Veterans and Stolen Valor

Since the war in Iraq began, we have been inundated with so-called Iraq War vets appearing with the Sheehanites and other far left America-hating groups. There is even an organization, "Iraq Vets Against the War" that is joined at the hip with Veterans Against War. If you see a Code Pink sponsored event, you will see the IVAW and VAW right there with them. Several of these fake vets have been exposed - thanks to the "new media" with no assistance from the enemedia. The fake vet Jesse McBride is the latest disgusting piece of crap to sully our heroes' honor and service.

Well a judge in Montana has come up with quite an entertaining way to punish the fakers. The LA Times has this article up today...(tip o'the hat to DB at Sweetness & Light)

"A man who lied to his probation officer about having served in the military was ordered to stand outside the courthouse in Missoula wearing a sandwich board that says: "I am a liar. I am not a Marine."
William C. Horvath, 35, of Whitefish pleaded guilty to making false statements, a felony. U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy sentenced him to four months of house arrest and four years of probation. He also ordered him to stand outside the courthouse for a total of 50 hours wearing the sandwich board and to write letters of apology to the U.S. Marine Corps and Veterans of Foreign Wars."

The American public needs to hear about these liars and honor thieves. It is a travesty to have a faker get publicity about claims of war crimes committed by our soldiers. This judge found one way to expose the fakers to the world.

Several years ago I read a book, "Stolen Valor", written by B. G. Burkett. Mr. Burkett did mountains of research and exposed many fake Vietnam Veterans - some very well known. Here's a blurb from the back cover...

The authors show killers who have fooled the most astute prosecutors and gotten away with murder, phony heroes who have become the object of award-winning documentaries on national network television, and liars and fabricators who have flooded major publishing houses with false tales of heroism which have become best-selling biographies.
Not only do Burkett and Whitley show the price of the myth has been enormous for society, but they spotlight how it has severely denigrated the service, patriotism, and gallantry of the best warriors America ever produced.

I cannot recommend this book high enough. In addition to the stories exposing the fake vets, Burkett has advice for those wanting to do their own research. You can read more here...

We owe it to the millions of members of our military to expose these leeches for the creeps that they really are. I say we start with the vets that are hanging onto Sheehan's pants legs...

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