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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Nation of Whiners and Crybabies

While getting ready for work this AM, I had Fox and Friends on. They were carrying interviews with American citizens arriving back in the US after the evacuation from Lebanon. What in the heck has happened to our country? All I heard was whining about the length of time it took, the poor accommodations and of course the #1 complaint - "It's Bush's fault."

This crap started yesterday with Harry Reid's comparison of the evacuation of American citizens from Lebanon to the Hurricane Katrina non-evacuation. Where's the government riding in to protect all the people that either can't or won't take care of themselves? Oh cry me a freakin' river...

But I do have to agree that there are similarities. There are Americans that are sitting on their butts waiting on the government to take care of them. There are Americans being rescued by US military members - who are risking their own safety to pull people out of their vacation site - while those being rescued don't even say "thank you". There are Americans that are in harm's way by their own doing blaming everyone else for their situation.

These are the same people crying about having to reimburse the government (AKA you and me) for the cost of their trip. Keep in mind that many of these people are in Lebanon on a vacation of sorts - which they paid for at a premium price. Will these people get refunds for their airline tickets, etc? If so, are they going to give that money back to the government or will they pocket it themselves. The only thing missing is someone filing a lawsuit for "pain and suffering" inflicted by the US govt during the evacuation (it's still early though).

And what the heck is the deal with dual-citizenship? Either you want to be an American citizen or not - it's that simple. You can still be an American citizen without renouncing your Lebanonese heritage. In this age of terrorism, someone carrying dual citizenship with Lebanon makes my antennae perk up. I certainly hope US Customs and Immigration are thoroughly vetting these people as they arrive on US soil.

Finally to the nappy headed gum chompin' fool interviewed on Fox & Friends this morning who blamed President Bush and Israel after getting a free ride back to the USA courtesy of US taxpayers - You're Welcome. Oh and Kiss my American Butt!!

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