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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Peace Activist Faces Assault Charges

The Blogging Angels must be on my side tonight... First Sheehag wants to live under Chavez (as opposed to the rock she needs to be under) and now this story from New Zealand...

"A New Zealand peace activist is facing serious assault charges after he allegedly punched a rock singer in London, leaving the man in a coma. "

Yes you did read that right... a "Peace" activist assaults a man and now the man is in a coma.

"Christiaan Briggs, 30, who spent three weeks in Iraq with the Truth Justice Peace Human Shield Action Group in 2003, appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court on Tuesday to face a charge of grievous bodily harm.

Police say the incident occurred on June 22 when Briggs allegedly punched 19-year-old Billy Leeson, causing the rising rock star to hit his head on the ground.

Not only did he assault the younger man, the "peace activist" ran like a scalded dog after he did it.

"Police allege Briggs hit Leeson after getting off a bus at Camden Rd in Islington and left the scene."

OMG - it actually gets better....

"Briggs was a London-based list candidate for the Green Party in the 2002 election."

Get Well Wishes to Mr. Leeson. And a dictionary for Mr. Briggs so he can look up the word "PEACE".

I couldn't make up stuff better than this.....
BTW - here's a picture of the thug, I mean "Peace Activist"...

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