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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Faces Cleaned Up and Blood Spots Switching Sides? More on Qana Pics

I'm still stuck on the Qana pictures especially now that al-Reuters has been exposed. They seem so set up - I mean how many different views are there of one person (usually Mr. Green Helmet) carrying the same little girl around Qana? After pouring over the pictures, I have figured out why they just don't sit right with me. Below are several different pictures of the same little girl. Notice how her face is dirty, then clean, then she has blood coming out of her mouth, then the blood is on the other side of her mouth...

Here is Mr. Green Helmet carrying the little girl with the multicolored pants and the pink shirt. Her face is dirty especially her forehead.

Here is Mr. GH carrying the same child. Granted there is less shadow on the picture but her face looks much cleaner. He is also away from the pile of rubble.

Mr. GH has reached the stretcher and has passed her to another man. Her face is relatively clean but there is a smudge of dried blood on her mouth.

Here is Mr. Green Helmet again - this time without his trademark helmet and orange vest. He is holding the same little girl as you can tell by her pants and shirt. Now there is a streak of blood coming from her mouth and extending down the right side of her face. This was NOT present when she was loaded on the stretcher...

Lastly here is the same little girl in the ambulance. (Why the photographer chose to take a picture like this I will never know). The blood is gone from the right side of her face. It looks like there is some dried blood on the left side of her mouth.

So there you have it. It is obvious that someone took the time to wipe off the child's face at various points during the photo event. Someone also took the time to put blood smears on her little face. There are many more Internet pictures of this child being paraded around for photos that day. (If you notice most of the pictures involve 4 children). Each shows different dirt streaks and blood spots on this same little girl's face.

Now try to convince me that these photos weren't staged......

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