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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Psalm 83 and Israel

My best buddy over at the Roscoe Daly Report has one of the most incredible posts up today that is guaranteed to send chills up your spine. I am far from a Biblical scholar and did not recall Psalm 83 - I certainly did not realize the connection to the battle Israel is fighting. Here is a snip from Roscoe's post...

"We knew as soon as we heard about the miraculous recovery of an ancient Psalm book from an Irish bog that something extraordinary was afoot. The fact that this book—more than 1,000 years old—was stuck open to Psalm 83 is raising quite a few eyebrows. It happened about two weeks ago, about the same time that the current hostilities with Israel and her enemies commenced. If you know the ancient names for these enemies, you’ll be amazed where they turn up: Yes, Psalm 83."

Stop by Roscoe's place and read the whole post. Make sure you click on the video link he has posted at the bottom - you will NOT be sorry.

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