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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

See the Media Jump to Cover the Terrorist Fakery

I was watching this video from Fox News' Greg Palkot (click on Video and select "Deadly Airstrike") reporting on the Qana incident when something caught my eye. I got a screen shot of the guy with the torn shirt getting UP from the stretcher to show that he was not "stretcher" material like they presented it when I noticed something in the corner of the video. Here are the successive screen shots...

Everyone is just kinda standing around. Mr. Checkered Shirt is talking on his cellphone. But look at the top right hand corner in picture 1. There is Mr. White TShirt putting little Zaynab on display. There is no scene audio to the video - just Greg Palkot reporting.

In picture 2, you can see Mr. White TShirt has gotten everyone's attention. Look at the photographers making a beeline for the Pulitizer Prize winning shot.

In picture 3, the female press member almost trips over Mr. Ripped Shirt's stretcher. Let's see - semi-injured old guy versus cute little girl killed by Israelis. Not a hard choice for this crowd.

In picture 4, you see that even the injured Mr. Ripped Shirt feels well enough to get up and look. But look at that gaggle of photographers that have now surrounded White TShirt and little Zaynab. Like Bees to Honey...

Now these frames are from another video but they essentially take off where Picture 4 ended. THIS is the scene the media was treated to. Notice that Mr. White Shirt with Glasses has picked up another child so he can get in on the action - 2 bodies are much better than 1.

So this is the finished project. Lots of yelling and anger on this video from the bystanders. Interesting to note that one of the loudest in the video is Mr. Checkered Shirt who at first kept on talking on his cellphone. Just like another media whore we've gotten to know over the years - he recognizes a prime propaganda opportunity and takes advantage of it. This all happened BEFORE Green Helmet and White TShirt's photo-op runs. Both of these girls were featured in those productions also.

So now we have a little more background on how these photos come into being. Just grab a photogenic dead child and start yelling. The media will run like scalded dogs to get the shot and have no problem as presenting it as a "real" moment.

Meanwhile, Alan Colmes is grilling Governor Barber about the President's photo-ops in Mississippi... Yeah that is so much more important than our media standing shoulder to shoulder with the terrorists and going right along with the game.

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