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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shining the Spotlight on the Media

The blogosphere has worked overtime on exposing the media's complicity with terrorists and terrorist propaganda in the Israel/Lebanon battle. If anyone trusted the media prior to these events, they must now realize the folly of taking the media at its word (and its photos). Dr. Richard North over at EU Referendum has completed his analysis of "Qana-gate" and has posted his conclusions. I cannot recommend his postings strongly enough. Everything he reports is corroborated with photos from many different sources. You can get to the report here. Be sure to read the multiple comments as they provide even more information.

This whole episode brings up questions about other high profile media coverage especially the coverage of Iraq. We have all exposed numerous incidents of biased and completely false reports from Iraq including the Haditha incident. We also know from translated documents that using the media to disseminate propaganda is one of the terrorists' favorite tools.

We cannot let our guard down. We can't just sit back and revel in the "victories" over the lazy biased media. We must seek out the truth because the media has proven it is either incapable or has no desire to. This is one battle that those of us in our "air conditioned homes sitting on our backsides" can fight. We owe it to our soldiers and to the thousands of Americans murdered in cold blood by terrorists. We owe it to our country and to our grandchildren. This is one battle we cannot afford to lose.

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