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Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Unruly British Airways Passenger and BDS

Sometimes things happen and you think - I couldn't have made up a story better than that.

DB over at Sweetness & Light has uncovered another gem (he is the "master" at that). The unruly female on the British Airways flight yesterday has been identified.

"Criminal charges could be filed Thursday against a Vermont woman who caused a disturbance aboard a London-to-Virginia jet that was diverted to Logan Airport.
59-year-old Catherine Mayo is being held by federal authorities in Boston.
Passengers say Mayo paced the aisles and peppered her incoherent mutterings with the word "Pakistan." They said two plainclothes men on board and flight attendants tackled the woman. She was handcuffed while the flight was diverted."

Catherine Mayo is a journalist that has been based in Pakistan. Here's a few snips from some of her columns...

"Americans are true innocents when it comes to this. Since they did it, no crime has been committed, because America cannot do anything wrong. It is the innocence of an arrogance that even other empires in the world do not understand."

"Like their troops, Americans are plagued by questions about why they are in Iraq. No WMD, no Al Qaeda, no regime change. But they can’t admit this to themselves. Never in history has the US made such a bad mistake. Americans are wandering around in the dark, hoping that someone will provide an intelligent explanation soon."

So now we have the first evidence of the long term effects of Bush Derangement Syndrome... I can't wait to see the Progressive Caucus experience the same effects. I would definitely watch CSPAN for that!

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