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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blame it on the Damn Terrorists For A Change

You gotta love this headline on the front page of the online edition of the Washington Post:

Bush Claims 'America Is Safer'

When reported as a "claim" it comes off as a statement unproven by facts. Of course that is what the AP and the writer, Merrill Hartson, would like us to believe - as well as the DNC and its little minions in the media. Contrary to what they "want" us to believe, President Bush's statement is much more than a claim, it is a fact.

How else can you explain the lack of terrorist attacks on American soil? What else would explain the numerous thwarted attacks and the number of terrorist suspects we've rounded up? Despite the strong efforts from the Democrats, the media and the UN, the United States IS safer.

The only ones playing the "fearmonger" game are those opposed to President Bush. Who continuously claims that the United States has incited terrorists? Who beats us over the head every day with "we're not safe... we're not safe..."?

Someone has been appeasing and has a plan of appeasement. It ain't President Bush. Who is it that wants to go to the failed UN with every thing and get "permission" to fart in another country? Remind me who believes that sitting down with a cup of hot tea and some cookies will make the bad man in Iran change his mind about nuclear weapons? Which organizations fight tooth and nail to give terrorist suspects every available legal "out" and constitutional rights?

Which party is it that seeks every opportunity to incite hatred against America - which could reach the boiling point of another attack and THEN they could blame President Bush for it. Remind me who publishes the pictures from Abu Ghraib over and over? Who highlights every single "claim" of atrocity against US soldiers as a fact without any investigation or trial?

The ONLY reason we are safer now than we were 5 years ago is because President Bush took the bull by the horns and gave it a swift kick in the arse. Appeasement didn't work - i.e. The USS Cole, the 1st World Trade Center Bombing, Khobar Towers. Cutting and running did nothing more than demonstrate our lack of strength to "finish the job" - i.e. Somalia.

"Years of failed Republican policies have made America less safe and less able to effectively fight terrorism, and Democrats are ready to take this country in a new direction," Democrats said in statement."

How much more wrong do the Democrats have to be before Americans wake up? Failed Republican policies? Give me a freakin' break. We would be even stronger had the Dems not played partisan politics and a game of "gotcha ya" with every single Republican proposal.

But THIS statement really pisses me off...
It also maintains that terrorism "is not simply a result of hostility to U.S. policy in Iraq."

Once again - blame America and Americans for terrorist attacks. Once again and I'll say it slowly so even the Libs with their fingers in their ears can hear...

THERE... WAS.... NO... ABU... GHRAIB.... ON..... 9/11...

WE... WERE.... NOT... IN... IRAQ... ON .... 9/11...

THE... TERRORISTS... WERE... AT... WAR... WITH... US... ON... 9/11...

SADDAM... HUSSEIN... WAS.... INVOLVED... WITH... TERRORISM... (and NO I'm not saying he was involved with 9/11).

I don't know about you but I am sick of the DNC, the media and the lefty bloggers that blame America for everything wrong in the world. Why in the HELL would we want them in charge of the country?

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