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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Gregory Whines While Bolten Lays the SmackDown on the Dems

I just LOVE having Tony Snow handling the press for the White House! First he puts Helen Thomas is her place with his "thanks for giving us the Hezbollah point of view" comment, now he outs David Gregory for using DNC talking points in the press briefing.

"Snow got into a tussle with Gregory after the NBC journalist told him, in a lengthy remark, that the public may wonder why the president's statement and report today on the war on terror did not admit more failings on the administration's part. Snow observed that he had nicely summarized "the Democratic point of view," and Gregory took exception to this."

So what David? We take exception every day to your pompous preening ass.

A full transcript of the Q&A between Snow and Gregory is available via Editor and Publisher.

Also from the White House today - Josh Bolten, the Chief of Staff, penned a response to the Democrats' letter laying out the demands for the war in Iraq. Bolten effectively shoved it right back in the Democrats' face while getting in a little dig at ole "cut n'run" Murtha. Drudge has the entire letter but here's a piece...

"On the fourth element of your proposed “new direction,” however, we do disagree strongly. Our strategy calls for redeploying troops from Iraq as conditions on the ground allow, when the Iraqi Security Forces are capable of defending their nation, and when our military commanders believe the time is right. Your proposal is driven by none of these factors; instead, it would have U.S. forces begin withdrawing from Iraq by the end of the year, without regard to the conditions on the ground. Because your letter lacks specifics, it is difficult to determine exactly what is contemplated by the “phased redeployment” you propose. (One such proposal, advanced by Representative Murtha, a signatory to your letter, suggested that U.S. forces should be redeployed as a “quick reaction force” to Okinawa, which is nearly 5,000 miles from Baghdad)."

"Regardless of the specifics you envision by “phased redeployment,” any premature withdrawal of U.S forces would have disastrous consequences for America’s security. Such a policy would embolden our terrorist enemies; betray the hopes of the Iraqi people; lead to a terrorist state in control of huge oil reserves; shatter the confidence our regional allies have in America; undermine the spread of democracy in the Middle East; and mean the sacrifices of American troops would have been in vain. This “new direction” would lead to a crippling defeat for America and a staggering victory for Islamic extremists. That is not a direction this President will follow. The President is being guided by a commitment to victory -- and that plan, in turn, is being driven by the counsel and recommendations of our military commanders in the region."

Interpretation - He's the President, you're not. He gets to call the shots. You don't. He wants a victory in Iraq - you want a victory at the polling booth.

Now THAT is gonna leave quite a mark.

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