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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Foley-Gate Link O'Rama - UPDATED - You Won't See This Reported in the MSM

When the Mark Foley story broke, it made me sick to my stomach. There is so much that we have to worry about in this world today as far as our kids are concerned and now this. Keep in mind that we have yet to hear the whole story. But if the allegations are confirmed, then Foley deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

Meanwhile the blogosphere is all over the Mark Foley story and some interesting facts have bubbled to the surface. For instance, the emails were shopped to several other news outlets as far back as a year ago. Here's a list of some of the news outlets from Red State:

We have ascertained that the list of media organizations that knew of this information as early as November of 2005 include:
· Washington Post
· Roll Call
· ABC News
· St. Petersburg Times
· Palm Beach Post

Then there is this explanation from Tampa Bay Online:

"In November of last year, we were given copies of an email exchange Foley had with a former page from Louisiana. Other news organizations later got them,too. The conversation in those emails was friendly chit-chat. Foley asked the boy about how he had come through Hurricane Katrina and about the boy's upcoming birthday. In one of those emails, Foley casually asked the teen to send him a "pic" of himself. Also among those emails was the page's exchange with a congressional staffer in the office of Rep. Alexander, who had been the teen's sponsor in the page program. The teen shared his exchange he'd had with Foley and asked the staffer if she thought Foley was out of bounds."

Rather than rehash what many well-known bloggers have already posted and researched, I'm going to just list the links here. There is a plethora of new information and sounds like much more to come. So start clicking and read all the info...

I suggest you start with Clarice Feldman's post over at American Thinker
Foley and the Blame Game
IowaVoice - Foleygate: Some Quick Thoughts
Gateway Pundit - Foley Fallout: What We Know Now
Say Anything - The Sexually Explicit Foley Communications Were Sent To A Different Page
Red State - What Did They Know And When Did They Know It?
Just One Minute - How The Foley Story Broke - I Find This Puzzling
Strata-Sphere - Did CREW Leave A Predator Free For Partisan Gain?
186K Per Second - Firedoglake - Kos Revel in a Teenager Being Possibly Sexually Harassed
MsUnderestimated - New Info Out About Rep. Foley and Congressional Pages - BREAKING
PassionateAmerica - Wild Bill calls Matthew Loraditch about Mark Foley

UPDATE 1: 10/1/06
Found this interesting little thread over at FreeRepublic. The big question now is What did the DCCC know and When did they know it? From

"Well the good news is that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is finally getting it. I called their Director of Communications, Bill Burton, to let him know that the Foley thing (and another case) were coming down the pike. While Burton promised to have someone email or return my call and didn't, I am glad he followed up on my call and was ready on Friday to come out of the gate running"

Was this a DNC hit job with impeccable timing? Also there is a great deal of missing background on the Instant Message conversation that ABC published. Do keep in mind that there is a difference between the EMAILS and the INSTANT MESSAGES when reading articles about the Foley-gate issue.

Stay Tuned - Will Post Updates/Links Throughout the Day

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