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Friday, October 20, 2006

Harold Ford Jr - What a Punk!

I thought I had seen everything in the 2006 campaigns until this. Rep Harold Ford Jr pulled an unbelievable stunt while his opponent, Bob Corker, was holding a Press Conference.

Harold Ford Jr. showed up uninvited at a campaign event for rival Republican Bob Corker at a private charter airstrip in Memphis this morning. Corker had scheduled the media event earlier this week.
News reporters were surprised when Ford's tour bus pulled up at the event and, apparently staff at Wilson Air were surprised as well, as they tried to steer media inside the property for the Corker news conference.

Shades of Al Gore's bizarre walk across the stage to hover behind President Bush during a debate in 2000. Ford comes across as a punk, a bully and an immature brat.

Watch the video here. It's a disgrace. Kudos to Bob Corker for behaving like a man and not a whining look at me baby.

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