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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soldiers Use New Torture Technique in Iraq (Pic May Be Disturbing)

This is a picture that was sent in by a soldier serving in Iraq. It shows the latest torture technique being utilized against Iraqi children courtesy of the US Military. It is beyond comprehension how any soldier could be so cruel and uncaring. You can see the anguished expressions of the terrorized children. And to think that our soldiers are smiling. Oh the humanity...

We should all keep this picture in mind when we go into the voting booth on Tuesday. Caution - this picture may evoke strong emotions.....

It's the Teeter-Totter Torture Technique (aka "the 4T"). Soldiers are using it all over Iraq. This is so shocking I don't expect any in the MSM to carry it. Those of us concerned about our country MUST send this picture to everyone we know!

Mega hat-tip to KSoldier and FreeRepublic. God Bless Our Brave Soldiers!

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