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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Al Jazeera In Savannah GA?

Yes - it is true. The English version of Al Jazeera is in Savannah doing a story. Give you one guess what it's about...

Al Jazeera English producer, Jeremy Young said that once he heard of all the military deployments taking place in Savannah he had to come down and check it out for himself.
"It was my idea to pitch the story on American soldiers and American troops and our network is all about challenging the norms and looking at things from a 360 degree perspective," said Young.

A different viewpoint Young wanted to bring and what better place to hold a panel discussion than downtown Savannah and at what better time than right after President Bush's speech?
"The effort down here is to talk to people in Savannah, Georgia on what they're feeling is on the effort in Iraq and share that with an international audience," said Young.

GREAT - an arm of the enemy is doing a "report" on all the deployments from Ft. Stewart. I didn't see anything advertised about the "panel discussion" but I didn't check our "progressive" fake newspaper. Can't wait to see this non-biased report...

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