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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Proof That Speaking Up Does Work

Just got this ping from RedRover at FreeRepublic...

On February 12th, Alan Colmes apologized on air.
Activism works! Thank you everyone who participated in calling Fox and Alan Colmes to account.

I have written a thank you message to Alan Colmes for doing the decent thing. Others have done likewise.

We did not get everything I hoped for. I wanted to see one of the Haditha Marine family members get airtime.

Our major accomplishment, however, is to let Fox News know that people care about the Haditha Marines. We expect no less than fair treatment.

And I believe family members will get their time on the air as we move closer to the hearing dates.

See... we can make a difference if we speak up. Thank you Alan Colmes for being a stand up guy and admitting the error.

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