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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We Can't Let Our Heroes Down!

There are many things that I am passionate about - my faith, my family and my country just to name a few. But since the War on Terror began, I have been passionate about supporting our soldiers. That is one of the reasons that I have been consumed with the Haditha Marines' stories.

The treatment that our soldiers (not just the Haditha Marines) have received from many in this country is beyond reprehensible. Not a day goes by that some fool with a political agenda decides to take their partisanship out on the soldiers - just read the news. Oh they usually throw out a caveat about "I support the troops but..." In my mind, there is no "but" when it comes to supporting the soldiers that have volunteered to lay their lives on the line for our country, our freedom and our way of life. No matter what I do in my life, nothing can even remotely compare to the sacrifices of our men and women in the military (and their families). No words can ever fully express the gratitude that we all owe to our heroes.

Blue Star Chronicles has a post up that truly reminds us what we should be focusing on - not the idiots who make outlandish statements just to get some face time. Our focus should be on the soldiers. And Blue Star Chronicles is not just a blogger - they are the parent of one of our heroes serving in the War on Terror. I encourage you to read the entire post and look at the pictures. The words from The Eyes of Our Soldiers should be read every single morning before the feet of Congressional members hit the floor.

The next time you hear Murtha or Kucinich or anyone else offer up a bit of "yeah, but" support to the soldiers, remember this...

Is it really okay with us for a Senator to declare our Soldiers murderers? Is it really okay to have a Congressman condemn Marines who defended themselves before they even have a chance for trial? The Haditha Marines have been tried and found guilty on television but there has been no retraction of the accusations made against them and they are just now having their voice heard in court. Yet we don’t hear about that like we heard about the accusations. Many people just take it as fact because they saw it on the news.

Is it really alright with us to allow the few of our nation’s sons and daughters to carry the weight of the Global War on Jihadists on their shoulders alone?

When will the rest of the nation quit playing politics on their already burdened shoulders? When will we stand up and tell our Senators and Congressmen that it’s not okay to build their careers at the expense of those few who defend them. When will this nation realize that there are al-Qaeda attacking our interests all over the world and there really IS a Global War only a few of our sons and daughters are engaged in. When will we understand the danger and come together as the once great nation that is the United States of America.

When will we open our eyes and look into our Soldiers’ eyes.

It's not alright with me. And I will not be silent.

God Bless our soldiers and their families!

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