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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Demand Murtha Apologize to Capt Stone and LCpl Sharratt

Murtha is feeling the heat and it ain't due to the weather. More and more media outlets are picking up on the recommendation for dismissal of charges for LCpl Sharratt in the Haditha incident.

Rush called for Murtha to apologize on today's show...

"He went on to call these Marines "murderers," and he "just knew it." He just knew it had to be the case because he knew there was a cover-up because the Bush administration lies. In fact, the Bush administration probably orders the murders! Jack Murtha is like so many damn Democrats today: so eager to immediately believe the worst about the people you are supposed to love and support: the United States military, which is trying to protect everybody against incredible odds here at home."

"They're fighting two wars: the enemy over there and the enemy here. For a member of the Congress to come out without any evidence and call them murderers, because he knows there's a cover-up? Well, has he apologized for this to anybody yet? Has anybody heard Murtha's apology?"

Even the Washington Post mentioned Murtha's role in the claims of "cold blooded murder".

"Gary Myers and James Culp, civilian attorneys for Sharratt, said in a joint statement that they are pleased with the report and that earlier "prejudgment within some elements of the media and by certain members of Congress was particularly offensive to us," a thinly veiled reference to comments by Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.) last year that the shootings were cold-blooded murders."

David Allender has a great piece up at American Thinker.

Defend Our Marines has the pdf of the Investigating Officers Report. Here's a few choice excerpts...
"I find that the Iraqi witnesses' statements are unsupported by scientific evidence and are incredible..."

"Evidence not Consistent with an Execution - Without question, the forensic evidence demonstrates that three of the men were shot in the head while facing forward from a distance of at least 2 feet.... There is no evidence to suggest LCpl Sharratt attempted to hide the fact that he shot these individuals."

"Witness Accounts are not Credible - ... The interview that resulted in the witness statements were taken by Special Agent Mannle in a group setting, with each witness adding details and discussing the events in Arabic with one another in front of Special Agent Mannle who does not speak Arabic."

"Timeliness of Interviews - The interviews of Khalid, Nagham, Nagla and Ehab by Maj Erickson were conducted almost a year later in January 2007....NCIS was unable or chose not to conduct further research into the following significant issues... Not following up on these claims supports the defense contention that NCIS did not critically examine the credibility of these witnesses during its investigation."

LtCol Paul Ware also had a few choice words about several of the Marines witnesses for the government...

"The government provided a sworn statement of Mr. Casiday with graphic stories which simply can not be supported in facts.... His statement exudes exaggeration and immaturity. I find the statement wholly incredible and not particularly relevant."

"LCpl Schaal's sworn statement was also offered to demonstrate that LCpl Sharratt was out for vengeance. The statement, however, is full of incredible stories and contains not one sentence directly relating to LCpl Sharratt and house 4 in IE 94."

You've gotta love this statement under LtCol Ware's Recommended Disposition of Charge...

"The government version is unsupported by independent evidence and while each statement has within it corroboration, several factors together reduces the credibility of such statements to incredible. In addition, the statements of the Iraqis are unclear, contradictory in part and simply state self-interested conclusions as to what occurred within house 4."

I checked over at Murtha's official website but shockingly there is no press release or statement about this exoneration of one of his constituents. Yes - Justin's parents live in Murtha's district...

Guess I'll be making some more phone calls in the AM. I challenge anyone reading this to call Murtha's office and demand an apology. It's the very least this bag o'wind CodePink member should do.

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