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Thursday, September 27, 2007

F*#& Bush Author's Previous National Media Campaign

The infamous "F*$# Bush" editorial was not David McSwane's first brush with fame and the national media. Two years ago, McSwane did his own little sting on military recruiters in Golden Colorado.

McSwane alluded to the Military Recruiter Sting in his non-apology letter explaining his expletive quasi-editorial...

As a matter of clarification, my investigation into recruiting practices as a 17-year-old has nothing to do with this. That attention had died down, which is how I liked it. In running this editorial, I in no way wished to make national headlines as an individual, but this is the reality that comes with making such a statement

Back in 2005, McSwane was on a quest for national headlines so why should now be any different...

McSwane's article ran in the March 17 issue of The Westwind.

McSwane's next move was to make certain his story didn't languish on an inside page of his school paper. He shopped it out to local and national media outlets. Only CBS 4 News called back.

The station broadcast its report, "How Far Will the Army Go?," on April 28 and played parts of McSwane's audio and videotapes.

The high school senior was soon up to his ears in media requests.

While McSwane offers up lofty ideals as justification for his vulgarity, one of his reasons for doing the Recruiter Sting was simple...

But McSwane had another motivation when he began his investigation in January.
"I wanted to do something cool, go undercover and do something unusual," he said this week.

Another publicity seeking news hound looking for his big break. After all the "don't tase me bro" fella got an internship with Greg Palast for waving Palast's book around prior to his electrified exit. I smell a job offer from TruthOut in McSwane's future...

BTW - the lefty blogs, including the DUmp, are posting this video as if it is new. But it was actually done back in March 2005. Keep that in mind when IVAW start using this as part of their anti-military recruiting sabotage campaign.

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