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Monday, September 17, 2007

More Fun Videos from the "Flashback to the 70's" Protest This Weekend.

Geoff Millard – speaking truthiness to power

Brian Becker taking a dive over the barriers. Listen to the comments of the IVAW members especially the black guy wearing the kaffiyeh over his IVAW shirt – same guy that was pictured with his face up against the police officer.

Watch the IVAW Members “sacrifice” their bodies for the cause… well actually most of them just stepped off the barricade. If they were really dedicated, they would have taken a full face plant on the concrete. My fav has to be Retired Col Ann Wright doing a little jig on the barricades.

The best one by far – video of the morons dancing around on top of the barricade and then getting pepper sprayed for their trouble.

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