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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Adam Kokesh and the Fake Anti-Muslim Posters at GWU

Looks like Adam Kokesh has taken some time off from his counter-recruiting activities to gin up the hate against the Young America's Foundation at George Washington University. The story is well covered in the blogosphere so I'll refrain from rehashing all the great info.

Looks like YAF is fighting back. Fair is fair - if the University threatened to punish those that put up the signs when they believed it was YAF, they should punish the true perpetrators of the "fake but accurate" posters. There is no doubt who the students were - they sent a letter to the GW Hatchet admitting to their "prank". But they didn't apologize for their actions - only expressed regret...

"We regret that some people were unable to discern the intent of these posters and took offense."

Hmmm... "discern the intent"? Nice PC talk for what it really was - an attempt to gin up hatred against Jason Mattera, the YAF and those supporting the war on terror. You don't suppose that Mattera's video asking Murtha about apologizing to the Haditha Marines played any bit in this form of "gotcha"? Especially since Kokesh and his comrades at IVAW expressed solidarity with Murtha and even claimed to see worse "atrocities" committed by soldiers in Iraq.

Kokesh was in court last week facing charges of posting signs in DC without a permit...

Adam Kokesh, Tina Richards and Ian Thompson appeared in court Thursday. The antiwar ANSWER Coalition says they could face up to six months in jail if convicted of the charge.

But all his extracurricular activities hasn't stopped Kokesh from threatening Vietnam Vet and Gathering of Eagles member, Chris Hill...

BTW - Adam Kokesh may be "unemployed" but money probably isn't an issue...

Adam Kokesh, whose father is Charles Kokesh, a Santa Fe venture capitalist, founder of a firm called Technology Funding and owner of the Santa Fe Horse Park

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