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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hillary Admits Her Media Matters Connection - Damn That Video!

Uh-Oh... Looks like a Dem has been bitten by the YouTube snake for a change. All those denials about Hillary's connection to Media Matters and claims of non-partisanship for 501(c) tax purposes are fixing to be flushed down the crapper. Here's a video of Hillary at the Daily Kos Convention ADMITTING to her ties with Media Matters... The relevant part starts at 2:20...

If you can't bear listening to that voice here's a transcript of her statement...

We are certainly better prepared and more focused on, you know, taking our arguments, and making them effective, and disseminating them widely, and really putting together a network, uh, in the blogosphere, in a lot of the new progressive infrastructure, institutions that I helped to start and support like Media Matters and Center for American Progress.

Oh my - now that is going to leave a mark but only if this gets major play in the media.

Mega Chickenhawk Express Salute to Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters for his outstanding work on this.

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