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Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick Hits From a Frazzled Chickenhawk

Typical Monday after a crazy weekend. With it being the end of the quarter I am swamped with quarterly reports and my eyes are crossing from all the Excel graphs I've put together the past few days. Since my brain is just exhausted, I am posting up some quick hits of interesting tidbits from today...

The Nostrils Are on the Attack - The Prowler is reporting that the attack on Rush Limbaugh by MediaMatters is simply the tip of the iceberg. Looks like Waxman is taking a page out of the old USSR and is going to have his little minions monitoring the radio shows of Rush, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. It's one thing to take on Rush and Sean but you are messing with fire when you take on The Great One. He will make mincemeat out of Mr. Nostrils.

Haditha Update - Nathaniel Helms has a piece up over at Defend Our Marines about the al Qaeda connection to the attacks against the Marines in Haditha. Quite an interesting read especially the attached portion of the Bargewell Report that the media just couldn't bring itself to publish. Wonder why? Also over at Defend Our Marines, David has the Feb 2006 statement of Lt. William Kallop and the June 2006 statement from Capt. Jeffry Dinsmore to NCIS. Both reveal a great deal more about the events involving Haditha.

Dee over at Chatterbox Chronicles got through to the Sean Hannity radio show last Friday to talk about Dr. Dobson. Her post has started a firestorm over at her place. The comments are quite interesting and last time I checked the total was at 97.

An Alligator Attack in Savannah - this is a sad story about an 85 year old woman who was found dead Saturday at The Landings in Savannah. From all appearances, this unfortunate soul was attacked by an alligator that came up from the lagoon near the golf course. The police are still investigating and the autopsy results are still pending.

Major General Rick Lynch of the 3rd ID has an op-ed in the Savannah Morning News today with an update from Iraq. Here's a snip...

Most importantly, the concerned citizens are coming forward with actionable intelligence. Because they know they can trust Coalition Forces, they are leading our soldiers to IEDs, caches, and the houses of insurgents. Concerned citizens are responsible for turning in four of the Division's high value targets - insurgents that are now in prison.

Don't look for this in any other media outlet cause it falls in the "good news from Iraq" category.

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