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Monday, October 01, 2007

They Picked the Wrong Guy to Smear - Limbaugh Calls Out Reid & Harkin

Holy Cow! Looks like I picked the wrong day to not listen to Rush's radio show...

Tom Harkin couldn't resist a low blow.

Today on the Senate floor, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) condemned Rush Limbaugh’s “phony soldiers” comment, saying that the radio host makes these “provocative things to make more money.” He then offered another possible explanation for Limbaugh’s “over-the-line” remarks:
Well, I don’t know. Maybe he was just high on his drugs again. I don’t know whether he was or not. If so, he ought to let us know. But that shouldn’t be an excuse.

What pray tell is YOUR excuse Mr. Harkin? Still pissed off about your own issue with "fake" military awards?

Thanks to Rep Jack Kingston - from my home state of GA for introducing a resolution in support of Rush and the military. Great turn about too. The Dems will have to vote against expressing support of the military in order to vote against supporting Rush against this ridiculous attack over NOTHING.

You guys on the Left have picked the wrong man to start a fight with. As the Japanese said after they attacked Pearl Harbor - "I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant".

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