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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Truth About Haditha - Hannity's America This Weekend

FINALLY! Someone in the mainstream media is giving airtime to the Haditha Marines so the TRUTH can be told! Sean Hannity, who did a superb job with a radio interview with Justin Sharratt and his father Darryl, is broadcasting a special Hannity's America this weekend. He will have the first face to face tv interview with Justin about what really happened in Haditha. The show will air on Saturday October 27 at 10pm ET and then again on Sunday October 28 at 9pm ET on FoxNews.

Set your TIVO, DVD-R or whatever recording device you have cause this is going to be great. I teared up just reading the transcript of the radio interview...

RedRover will have a live thread going over at FreeRepublic during the broadcast. Stop by and let your voice be heard!

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