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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What Does Wesley Clark Have to Do With Home Healthcare?

I have been a RN for 26 years. The last 14 years have been spent working in the home healthcare field. The National Association of Home Care (NAHC) is the pre-eminent organization for homecare providers and they serve as our contact point for Congress.

Well imagine my surprise to see who the closing speaker will be at the annual convention in Denver this year - none other than Wesley Clark. What the hell does Wesley Clark have to do with home healthcare much less healthcare in general? He is not degreed in the medical profession. He is not part of a government entity with a relationship with healthcare or Medicare. There is no reason to have Wesley Clark speak to a national homecare convention other than to spread partisan politics.

Needless to say I fired off an email to NAHC to find out why this partisan hack and Michael Moore buddy gets to speak to a healthcare organization.

As a homecare nurse for 14 years and a team member of an organization that belongs to NAHC, I was surprised to see that Gen Wesley Clark is scheduled to speak at the annual conference. What does General Clark have to do with homecare or even healthcare? He is a political activist at this point in his career and has no connection to Medicare or any other government entity.

With Gen Clark's recent partisan attacks against the President of the United States and his connections to groups that are attempting to undermine our country, I am perplexed why NAHC would feel that his appearance at the yearly conference is appropriate. In fact, I am angry that the leading home care organization in this country would be willing to be seen as a supporter of someone who is so controversial to many in this country.

I certainly hope NAHC is willing to back up this decision with other concerned members. I for one will be encouraging our organization to not renew our membership.

Please spread the word to any family or friends involved in the medical profession, especially home healthcare, to let NAHC know how they feel about giving Wesley Clark a platform for his partisan political attack message.

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