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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dashing Those Dreams of Failure in Iraq

Yesterday I posted a video of a celebratory parade in Al-Anbar - not the insurgents parading down the streets but of the citizens of Al-Anbar celebrating their freedom from Al Qaeda. It was truly an amazing sight but not well trumpeted around the mainstream media (surprise).

Then I happened on this little ditty from Dahr Jamail's anonymous source in Iraq and just had to laugh aloud at the irony. Understand that this article was dated October 28, 2007 - just this past week and around the same time the residents of al-Anbar were celebrating...

Resistance to occupation seems to have risen after the assassination last month of Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, head of the al-Bu Risha tribe. Abu Risha had begun to cooperate actively with U.S. forces.

"Bush kept his mouth shut when his little collaborator was killed despite all the protection he had," a young man from Ramadi, capital of al-Anbar province, told IPS. "This was and will be the end of all those who take the path of collaborating with the occupation."

I'm just guessing here but I bet the anonymous source for Ali al-Fadhily & Dahr Jamail's latest "I Dream of Failure" screed didn't participate in the parade.

It sure points out the obvious anti-American bias of Dahr Jamail and his "sources" - as if there was ever any doubt.

Update on the claims of US Soldiers doing "search and avoid" missions in Iraq.
I have not gotten an update from the Public Relations Officer at Fort Drum yet. But I have found the officer responsible for issuing the Centcom press releases during the time frames sited in the article and am awaiting a response from him. Based on the number of attacks I received from IVAW representatives after my article was posted over at Media Mythbusters, I must be on the right track. Nothing sets off the attacks from the Leftists like a little dose of truth. Will post an update as soon as available.

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