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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Haditha Marines Need Our Help

Now that the Article 32 hearings are done, the Haditha Marines have faded from the mainstream media coverage. There is still a long way to go - (read more at Thanksgiving Is No Time of Joy for Families of Marines Charged With Crimes)

...Four Marines, two officers and two enlisted Marines are the last untreated casualties of the attack. Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, 44, soon to be the father of six children, Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich, 27, the father of three little girls, Lt. Andrew Grayson, 26, a feisty Ohioan denied a Bronze Star for his alleged role in covering up the incident, and Lance Corporal Stephen Tatum, 26, a quiet Marine from Oklahoma who distinguished himself repeatedly during two combat tours in Iraq, all face prison time, huge legal expenses, and emotional scars that may never completely heal.

Meanwhile, Fat Jack Murtha still gorges himself on mounds of pork which ensure him special favors and campaign contributions. Because this man is a member of Congress, his defense against the lawsuit filed by Staff Sgt Wuterich is supplied by the Justice Dept all at taxpayer expense. The irony makes bile rise in my throat...

So when you are thinking about worthy charities to donate to this holiday season, don't forget the Haditha Marines. Here's a little bit about the costs these heroes have incurred while defending themselves against the baseless accusations...

The staff sergeant's team depends on public contributions to pay for his defense. So far the cost of defending Wuterich is almost half a million dollars and the attorneys are still waiting to discover if he will stand courts-martial or not, Zaid notes.

“As a non-profit we represent Lt. Col. Chessani at no charge," Brian Rooney says. "We are dependent upon donations to offset our costs. We have set up a defense fund for the Lt. Col. Chessani defense, and we have raised close to $500,000. We expect the cost of the rest of the trial will be another $500,000 that we will have to raise. This case has resonated with the American people and they have been generous.”

Here are the links to donate to each of the Marines with cases pending...
Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich
Lt. Col Jeffrey Chessani
LCpl Stephen Tatum
Lt. Andrew Grayson

Every little bit helps.
You can keep up with all things Haditha at Defend our Marines.

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