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Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Dahr Jamail Lies About Haditha

I don't know why I would expect someone like Dahr Jamail to tell the truth. His history proves that truth-telling just isn't in his playbook - especially when it concerns the US Military.

Once again, Jamail turns his poison pen on the Haditha Marines and completely ignores the facts - instead he spews the same venomous lies that have been completely debunked by the 6 Article 32 Hearings.

Claim: It was no secret that the Marines had shot men, women, and children at close range in retaliation for a roadside bombing that killed one of their own.

Fact: NOT ONE iota of evidence, despite "virtual autopsies" and forensics by photo, exists that corroborates the claim of "close range". The "retaliation" canard is simply another piece of prevarication that Murtha devised when he decided to slander the Marines.

Claim: The Washington Post quoted Aws Fahmi, a Haditha resident who was watching from his home as Marines went from house to house killing members of three families.

Fact: Would that be the same Aws Fahmi that the AP reported was laying in the street bleeding for two hours? For whatever reason, there was no evidence presented based on Aws Fahmi's claims.

Claim: An Iraqi had actually managed to film the interiors of the blood-soaked houses as well as scenes of the wounded at the Haditha hospital, and had recorded statements of eyewitnesses to the massacre.

Fact: Jamail must be talking about Thaer al-Hadithi, the "fake" journalism student aka human rights official who was under investigation for terrorist supporting activities. Maybe we should ask the videographer how al Qaeda got the footage to use for terrorist recruitment WELL BEFORE it was given to Tim McGirk. What? The videographer wasn't available to offer up testimony in any of the Haditha cases? Well isn't that special...

Claim: Currently, Marine Corps and Navy prosecutors are reviewing the evidence, and will likely ask for further probes.

Fact: Sorry Dahr, but the Article 32's are over. There are no further probes planned. The only hurdle left is the Court Martial Hearings for the 3 Marines - Staff Sgt Wuterich, LCpl Stephen Tatum and LtCol Chessani. I have no doubt that, based on all the evidence, there will be 3 "not guilty" verdicts.

A simple Google search would have turned up the facts for Dahr Jamail. But as his "dispatches" from Fallujah demonstrated, he is not interested in the truth. Like his comrades, Jamail is only interested in spreading anti-American propaganda spoon-fed to him by his "anonymous" contacts in Iraq. Unfortunately there is an audience that believes his tall tales - and that includes the terrorists. Ironically, Jamail's article came from the website TruthOut. Quite appropriate dontcha think?

Rather than list the multitude of posts on Haditha, just type in "Haditha" in the search box and you can read the TRUTH.

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