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Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Haditha Marine Sent to Court-Martial - When Will the Madness End?

What a way to ring out the old year and start the new one...

1st Lieutenant Andrew Grayson will face courts-martial for his alleged role in the incident at Haditha, Iraq on November 19, 2005. Grayson is the third Marine and second officer that is being sent to general court-martial at Camp Pendleton, California. The prosecution in the case is expected to level more criminal charges – including allegations Grayson attempted to fraudulently obtain his discharge from active duty early last summer.

You can read the full article by Nat Helms over at Defend Our Marines...

Lt. Grayson was the last Haditha Marine to go through the Article 32 hearings. Here is the updated status of the Marines now that all the Article 32 decisions have been released...

Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz - charges dismissed April 2007
LCpl Justin Sharratt - charges dismissed 8/8/07
Capt. Randy Stone - charges dismissed 8/9/07
Capt Lucas McConnell - charges dismissed 9/12/07
LCpl Stephen Tatum - referred to court-martial (Article 32 recommendation was dismissal)
SSgt Frank Wuterich - referred to court-martial
LtCol Jeffrey Chessani - referred to court-martial
Lt. Andrew Grayson - referred to court-martial

So Murtha's pals were able to score 50% in their quest to prop up the old wind-bag's cold blooded murder claims... As anyone that has followed the cases of the Haditha Marines knows, this is truly a farce and one of the worst examples of undue command influence ever.

Good News though...

Marine Corps Sergeant Hector A. Salinas (erroneously identified as a murder suspect by the media for his role at Haditha, Iraq but never charged) has been granted testimonial immunity by the general overseeing the investigation of the so-called “massacre” of 24 Iraqi citizens killed that day.

Sgt. Salinas is the lynch-pin to the entire Haditha Case. He was on site and in the middle of the battles. His testimony at the court-martial hearings should put the nail in the coffin of the bogus charges. It's a tragedy that these young Marines and their families are subjected to the stress and expense of this farce.

As always - donations are needed to help defray some of the costs of legal expenses for these Marines and their families. Any little bit will help.

Donate to...
* SSgt. Frank Wuterich
* LCpl Stephen Tatum
* LtCol. Jeffrey Chessani
* Lt Andrew Grayson (earmark a donation at the Military Combat Defense Fund)

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