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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Refuse to Board the Maverick's Bus!

The media can tout John "the Maverick" McCain all they want. They can call him the "frontrunner" all day but I refuse to board the McCain bus to liberally conservative-land. I appreciate his support of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I honor his service to our Country and admire his courage while a POW in Vietnam. I applaud his years of service in the Senate.

BUT... when I see John McCain's face, I immediately think about the Gang of 14 usurping the Congressional Republicans chance to make a stand for President Bush's judicial nominees. I flashback to his cozying up with Russ Feingold to inhibit free political speech which gave Soros and Co. a financial toehold into the political process. When I hear his voice, I am brought back to the debate about waterboarding and torture and Constitutional Rights for terrorist detainees. Every time I fill up with $3 + per gallon gasoline, I remember that McCain voted against drilling in Anwar. His stance on immigration doesn't even factor into my decision except the image of him and Teddy pairing up makes me violently ill.

Call it MDS (McCain Derangement Syndrome) or whatever - I don't like McCain. I don't trust McCain. I don't trust any GOP Candidate that the Mainstream Media promotes - that's worse than the kiss of death in my book. Straight talk express my ass.

Now that Thompson is out, I'm going to be a Rudy Girl. Huckabee is almost as toxic to me as John McCain. I just can't get behind Romney at this point - too slick for me but I could vote for him in the General. If it ends up being McCain or Huckabee I will truly have a dilemma. Being a southern gal though, I'll think about that tomorrow.

My buddy Jonn over at This Ain't Hell has some thought on Fred bowing out. TSO has had a bad week. Dee (who has the same feelings about McCain & Huckabee) looks at the situation rationally. Mike reminds us of the stakes in this race (and has a great pic of The Gipper and his lady love in his comments section).

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