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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Winter Soldier II Endorsed by Workers World Party

Nothing imbues more credibility into an action as support from the Communists...

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) has announced plans for “Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan,” from March 13 to 16. The event “will assemble the largest gathering of U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan in history, as well as Iraqi and Afghan survivors,” IVAW says, “to offer first-hand, eyewitness accounts to tell the truth about these occupations—their impact on the troops, their families,” the United States “and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

IVAW wants as many people as possible to attend the event. It is planning to provide live broadcasting of the sessions for those who cannot hear the testimony firsthand. “We have been inspired by the tremendous support the movement has shown us,” IVAW says. “We believe the success of Winter Soldier will ultimately depend on the support of our allies and the hard work of our members.”

Workers World spoke with IVAW National Board members Camilo Mejia and Margaret Stevens about the event and other aspects of the organization’s work.

Stevens told WW last August that Mejia’s political statement at the IVAW convention “was that we need to look at the root of the problem—not just the war but the capitalist system. People responded positively to this.”

Yeah all the capitalist pigs feeding at the trough of the poor huddled masses. The only thing missing was citations about American hedgemony, blood for oil, quest for imperialism, blah blah blah.

Just another reason to discount any single statement that comes out of this so-called "truth to power" movement on the Left. Hey IVAW - your red roots are showing... again.

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