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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Apology, A Fatwah, a Vanishing Act - And Winter Soldier II Hasn't Even Started Yet!

The run-up to Winter Soldier II has been bizarre, enlightening and just downright insane... The actual event can't possibly be as crazy as the prelims have been...

Here's some tidbits and links about the latest...

First up - the latest on Jon DeWald. After his mega-meltdown, his blog is no longer available. Which is sad because I kinda enjoyed watching an online implosion

Next - Cao points out that the Wobbly Nomad has issued a fatwah on Michelle Malkin - Knappenberger calls for Malkin’s asassination

Speaking of Evan "the Wobbly Nomad" Knappenberger - Ever wonder how he feels about the American Flag?

Also, thank you for inquiring, but I do happen to know which side is up on the American flag. If you had caught me on a bad day, you might have correctly assumed that I forgot which end of the American flag goes in which direction; however, I must inform that I wear the flag upside down on my shoulder ON PURPOSE. This may come as a shock (even to a Great Eagle- or Cub- Scout) but the American flag is renowned the world over as the standard of Death, Destruction, Imperialism, Economic Pillaging, and slavery; even the Roman and Nazi fasces were never so hated! Indeed, it is the moniker of hatred and inequality: the universal symbol of clumsy evil which has devastated numerous lands & peoples, and destroyed billions of lives. Don't believe me? Ask your friendly liberated Iraqis who you love so much.

Or his wishes for the offspring of the members of Gathering of Eagles?

F*$# them, and may their kids all grow up to be godless fags; may their red-white-and-blue blood cleanse this land of the stench of rape and plunder.

But don't forget - he's a peace activist and promotes "non-violence".

Newsweek has picked up on the preliminary WSII scuttlebutt. They even included some blurbs from Denis at Obiter Dictum and Mark Seavey from Vets for Freedom including links. Way to go guys - don't forget us "little people" as you hit the big time...

Here's the link to Mark Seavey's post over at Vets for Freedom - Winter Soldier Two: Vets for Freedom Investigation. Mark will be liveblogging from WSII.

Jonn from This Ain't Hell will also be attending WSII. He (like me) as been the object of DeWald's threats and bloviating. Here's his latest on WSII - IVAW Nutjobs Can't Stop the Truth.

And last but not least - Army Sergeant from Active Duty Patriot has issued an apology on behalf of IVAW for the threats and such from DeWald and Knappenberger.

It is unfortunate that certain individual members of IVAW have chosen to make threatening statements on the internet. These statements were made by individuals and are not representative of IVAW.

Sadly, Army Sergeant reports that one IVAW member (most likely DeWald) was "dis-invited" to WSII...

Two members have been identified as making personal threats recently. One has been requested not to attend Winter Soldier, and the other situation is currently being handled internally.

All of this just makes me want to hop on a train to WSII this weekend but unfortunately nursing duty calls (with some grandma time thrown into the mix). But I will be following along with Mark and the rest of the gang.

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