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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Protest in Senate Was Just the Tip of the Moonbat Iceberg

The media reported the disruption in the US Senate yesterday by protesters bleating the same tired chants we've heard for 5 years - "stop the war", "stop the funding", "bring them home", blah blah blah. I didn't hear it but I'm sure there were some calls about freedom for Mumia.

But that was only the tip of the looney iceberg. The outburst in the Senate was just part of the "bigger" Stop/Loss Congress protest. Yes Virginia, these protesters actually blocked the streets and parking garages in an attempt to keep Congress at their jobs. This was after the "crowd" delivered Stop/Loss notices to members of Congress.

I kid you not - these people actually thought they could do this and be successful at it. From the bastion of moonbattery, After Downing Street...

Today was the day for Stop-Loss Congress. We notified every Congress Member and Senator over the past two days that they were being stop-lossed and denied permission to leave until they end the occupation of Iraq. Today we took action. A group of activists dressed as Ghosts of War stood and spoke in the Senate and closed the place down - 10 arrests, I'm told.

Then groups of dozens of people, primarily college students, split up and blocked intersections and garage exits around the Hill. I went with a group of 40 or so to the intersection of Independence Ave. and 1st Street, which we blocked for a long time, with people and coffins and banners and megaphones. Dozens were arrested, most of them college students, some Vets for Peace and other old folks too. I shot video of the whole thing.

Dear Martha - I warn you in advance about clicking on any of the videos. I got through two of them but one was just a continuous screech of "We are the Revolution" and "Arrest Bush and Cheney, not the Children" that almost made my ears bleed. My dog started howling and ran under the bed after just a few minutes of it.

This video though is hysterically funny in a pathetic sort of way. It's an interview with two of the arrested protesters. Their vapid talking points and almost brainwashed type of speech shines the spotlight on who the protesters are and who the anti-American organizations are recruiting for their "action items".

Someone at DU said the videos would make you cry - this one does but not for the reason the DUmpers think. It is a truly sad validation of the type of people attracted to these protests and the pablum that is force-fed into their brains that turn them into Medea Benjamin clones. It's like a Stepford CodePink thing...

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